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Realizing these gains, of course, would require someone to liquidate their shares. GameStop’s Cohen is, by definition, in this for the long haul — he bought in to shape the company’s direction, and would lose that power if he sold out. And the Redditors are holding onto their shares with reckless, YOLO glee, promising to see the stock price soar to the moon, Mars, or other celestial ports of call. The battle began in earnest last week, when r/WallStreetBets realized that its users, who had bought into the stock when the supposed smart money was shorting it, effectively controlled the supply of GameStop shares in circulation.

  • Zingbox allows you to download the content and read manga offline, which is a sure treasure for people who travel a lot as traveling cut-offs the stable internet connection, and then you can rely on Zingbox’s downloaded content.
  • If you attempt to read the manga the “American” way, you may get a warning in the book, saying it is the last page.
  • After all, they clearly have enough disposable income to move the price of one stock substantially over several days just for the lols.
  • Governments in China and Korea already are planning phone apps to identify and mark people who may be propagating the virus to others.
  • Reddit Gold is a great equalizer, given in threads regardless of whether the subject matter is horrific, touching, or hysterical.
  • In online forums they discussed legal action and accused Robinhood and other brokerages enacting their own form of market manipulation by restricting purchases of certain shares.

VIZ Manga is arguably the best manga app to read manga series. In fact, the best manga apps list without the mention of VIZ Manga would be incomplete. The company promises new downloadable content daily and they have manga comics readily translated into English. WebComics are a different genre from manga, but it usually scratches the same itch. In any case, WebComics is a huge website with a bunch of web comics.

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That is, unless the share price actually goes up instead of down before the trader buys it back. Which is what happened when a group of Redditors banded together to drive up shares of GameStop, the ubiquitous mall video game retailer. Hedge funds lost a lot of money, and when the big guys are bleeding money, they’re apt to cry “market manipulation” and call for regulatory intervention. I may be guilty for a lot but if you give me a deal ill gladly rat out a bunch of other people,” user w8w8dont posted on Wednesday. Citadel and Point72 Asset Management injected a combined $2.75 billion into the wounded short seller in return for a stake in future revenue.

Since SARS-CoV-2 has been in the human population only since December 2019, it remains unknown if the immunity is long-lasting in people who recover from the disease. The presence refer to this site of neutralizing antibodies in blood strongly correlates with protection from infection, but the level of neutralizing antibody declines with time. Those with asymptomatic or mild disease had undetectable levels of neutralizing antibody two months after infection. In another study, the level of neutralizing antibody fell 4-fold 1 to 4 months after the onset of symptoms.

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Links to deleted questions will either show as “voluntarily removed by its author” if the author deleted it, or as “removed from for reasons of moderation” if it was deleted for any other reason. Additionally, all users can see revision histories of posts migrated to other sites and deleted as migration stubs, provided the migration was not rejected. The service only has data for comments that were posted since they began storing it, so you might not find deleted comments for age-old posts on Reddit. The service has been reported to have a few bugs when it comes to showing deleted comments on new posts but works fine on posts older than a day. Generally, what people would do in this situation is delete their account and start from scratch.

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