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In 1977, at the age of 22, Iwatani joined NAMCO LIMITED, a computer software company in Tokyo that produces video games. Once within the company, Iwatani eventually found his place designing games. He completed Pac Man with the help of four others, after working on it for a year and five months, taking it from concept to finished product. Creator Toru Iwatani observed that arcades had exclusively become playgrounds for boys — "dirty, smelly" boys. The games that were available involved aliens and shooting and just generally created a dark, gloomy environment unwelcome to women and families.

  • On May 21, 2010, the Google Doodle even featured a playable version to mark the 30th anniversary of Pac-Man’s release.
  • There is a genre known as “serious games,” which are games with practical applications that bring up real world problems in society.
  • You may notice your frog has a cloudy look to him at times – this means he is about to shed his skin.
  • In Houston on March 21, 2020, fans of Pac-Man will be able to escape a life-size maze developed for a unique, immersive experience.

However, you’ll need to make sure that whatever plants you choose are appropriate for the species. As pacman frogs eat live insects, feeding them can prove to be very difficult, if you are not used to it. You have to keep the crickets alive, which is practically a tough job to do as they tend to die very easily.


This will help keep his stress level low, which will help support good overall health. It is typically wise to avoid unnecessarily cluttering your Pacman frog’s habitat, but you don’t want to simply provide your frog with a barren habitat, devoid of visual barriers or hiding places. No matter which substrate you select, be sure to keep it moderately damp. This will help ensure your dog remains healthy and well hydrated.

Give a shallow dish of water for the frog to soak in, they usually poop in the water. I keep mine in a small 12×12 exo-terra and her temps are in the mid 60’s at night and low to mid 70’s day, I think my temps are low compared to recommendations. Tomato frogs are susceptible to skin lesions and bacterial infections called red leg. Tomato frogs are not ideal candidate for handling as our skin would both dry and irritate theirs. If you need to handle your tomato frog, wet your hands.


You Download PAC-MAN APK for Android could always add some more foliage or other decorations to provide more shade for your frog. The light should be ok as long as the frog has somewhere to escape the light and the light goes off at night. They’re nocturnal and don’t wander around, especially during the day, so as long as you provide shaded spots, you don’t need to worry. I haven’t housed different frogs together myself and most keepers don’t do this.

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A pinky mouse is a newborn mouse that has not yet developed a coat, nor opened its eyes yet. Although PacMan frogs grow to be quite chubby, offer them a good diet to prevent obesity. Offering a Pacman frog 4 — 5 wax worms per week would be a good ratio.

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