How To: Best Secrets YouCam Makeup App On Android To Make It Better (With Screenshots)

Our looks such as “Oh So Coco” and “Venus” were inspired from this year’s Chanel and Versace Haute Couture collections. The YouCam Makeup Fashion Week looks became a great success with over 6,000 users around the world applying the looks and submitting them to our contest within the first 24 hours. We have been overwhelmed and honored by the beauty community’s passionate support as well as enthusiastic user adoption of our apps and feedback. On my recent trips to Japan, China, and the U.S., I met with several leaders in the beauty and fashion industry to share Perfect Corp.’s vision and our exceptional technology. Just last week during New York Fashion Week, brands and designers were excited to see how YouCam Makeup’s innovation links the fashion world to the tech world. All were interested in how our apps can help them tap into the digital world and become more present to consumers in the mobile age.

These can be downloaded directly to your laptop or desktop computer, and are perfect for getting things edited in a timely manner. PC programs are particularly helpful when working with batches of images that are horizontal in shape (i.e. any image not taken on your mobile phone. For the latest version of YouCam , you will need Windows 8, 8.1, or 10. Your processor should be an Intel Core™ i5 or AMD Phenom® II X4 B60. Your graphics card should use Intel HD Graphics or equivalent models.

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Check your scores and your skin’s progress over the course of a few weeks or months to see, once and for all, if all those pricey products and treatments are really worth it. Or, you know, just have fun playing around with the skin age feature, which is more addictive than any phone game I’ve ever played. For the best results, the app suggests taking daily selfies in the same location and with the same lighting to track your skin for that day. The higher your score in each of the four categories, the healthier your skin.

  • Due to the app’s mature themes, including makeup and beauty makeovers, as well as its direct connection to social networking, YouCam Perfect is suitable for mature kids with parental guidance.
  • There’s even an effective and easy-to-use teeth whitening tool.
  • In December, Google used Perfect Corp.’s tech to create a new AR beauty tool for Google Search.
  • Mozilla Firefox is one of the popular browsers that you can use instead of UC Browser.
  • Quality is not assured, but it’s got the basics down at least.
  • We saw that technology was evolving much faster than the beauty industry.

The app has a lot of effects and filters similar to TikTok and you can create more professional videos using Roposo. This TikTok-like app is also available in different languages and more than 3 lac videos are posted YouCam Makeup old version for android on the app every day. DubSmash app has existed long before TikTok but its popularity waned recently.


The best thing about the app is the quality of its features, which give you literally thousands of possibilities. Refresh your spring makeup and hair colors with sweet pastel styles! Their products will be seen being used by prominent beauty influencers in the context of a video that instructs users on how best to use those products. Now consumers can live stream themselves applying the virtual makeup to show their friends either in an instructional capacity or to get feedback on which makeup works best. The new feature in the YouCam app allows customers to live stream their applications of augmented reality makeup for an audience. From there, the products used can be purchased through the app.

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