How long does it take for the goods to be transported?
The team of AsiaTir Company tries to deliver your shipment in the shortest possible time with its specialized and comprehensive review. You can turn to our main business with 100% confidence and hand over your burden to us.

What is the shipping cost?
AsiaTir Company is always updated, so the shipping costs, both outside and inside the city and country are updated daily taking into account the different conditions of customers.

Can we pay the fare abroad?
Yes, Asia Tir, with all its foreign and domestic branches, enables you to have no problem paying rent abroad.

Do you carry groupage loads as well?
Yes, Asiatir also transports your cargo in groups.

Do we have to worry about shipping documents when working with Asiatir?
With years of experience in international transportation, AsiaTir solves and supports your paperwork and leaves you no worries about the paperwork.

Are goods exported from Iran?
Yes, all export affairs are done in Asia in July.

Are goods imported to Iran?
Yes, you can import with the help of consultants and experts of AsiaTir company.

Do you also have sea, rail, air and road services?
The company includes all the ways to get your cargo to its destination, including sea, rail, road and air.