Asia International Transport Company is proud to rely on the knowledge and experience gained from more than forty years of service to its customers by performing all transportation services such as rail, road, sea and air globally, especially Asian countries provide the best service according to customer needs.

Over the decades, investing in international transportation and gaining experience in this field has allowed us to always grow, diversify and be flexible in many areas to suit the different needs of our customers. Along the way, we gained more jobs as our expertise and reputation increased.

Asiatir tries to deliver your shipment to its destination with the least time and the most cost-effective with a quick and professional review with strong support.

Our goal is to compete in the international transportation industry. Being competitive means providing excellent service, flexibility and good value in a way that every customer feels their needs are met. Through careful teamwork, we strive to provide excellent service, innovative management and long-term relationships with customers around the world.




We strive to continuously improve and upgrade our services. For survival and continuous growth as a company, we try to use new methods such as technological advances that can improve the efficiency and flexibility of services and customer satisfaction.